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Artist Statement

My name is Lissie Baldwin, and I am a recycling artist who loves to turn ordinary items into extraordinary pieces of art.

I repurpose old and discarded items to create intricate three-dimensional collages using embroidery, pinning, layering, and chainmail. The process is slow and often challenging, but the results are highly rewarding.

My work revolves around storytelling and capturing moments from the past. It usually focuses on a strong central character, such as a circus performer, a courageous animal, or a symbolic spirit like a butterfly.  Each character has an important story to tell from a bygone era.  

By incorporating recycling, colour, texture, and narrative, my goal is to captivate the viewer with the image and inspire a deeper interaction with the artwork. I enjoy infusing each character with personality and a touch of humour to establish a stronger connection with the audience.

Inspired by my travels in China and Mexico, I have developed a passion for incorporating strong, vibrant colours that make a bold statement on a wall.  My work is also influenced by the Pop Art movement, particularly by artists such as Peter Blake and Andy Warhol. Tattoos and hidden packaging often feature in my artwork.

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