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Hand-embroidered butterflies crafted from vintage fabric and paper are meticulously pinned on a bed of gold and silver-gilded flowers. Each piece is entirely unique.

Ibiza butterflies

Capturing the relaxed glamour of 1970's Ibiza, this piece features original fabrics and papers from the time, creating a vibrant, eclectic mix of colors. Hand-embroidered butterflies alight softly upon a tapestry of gilded flowers, rendering it a truly unique work of art.

Circus Performers

Discover new embroidered circus performers encircled by pins. Adorned with half-penny pieces, vintage fabrics, and paper, these artworks are rich with tattooed symbols. They will add a burst of colour to any wall.

The Pleasure is to Play

The Pleasure is to Play 2

Vase collections

Unique three-dimensional vases, each with hand-drawn images. They are crafted through a combination of hand and machine embroidery, utilizing recycled materials such as books, pins, wire, and cereal packets. Each element is carefully layered over delicate fabric, resulting in exquisite, custom-made artwork.


Courageous Dogs

The 'Bella' Vase

Inspired by a true story about a Mexican dog named Bella who saved her master at sea

Archive section

A few artworks are still available to purchase

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