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I'm no Cheetah - 19-04-2021.jpg

About My Work

I see the value in everything and I seek to turn the ordinary and rejected in to the extraordinary, giving things a new life in vibrant colourful images with depth and texture that aim to charm and entertain through their visual appeal and wit.  


My pieces feature central characters drawn from a wide range of sources, which have inspired me to represent them in new ways.  My pieces are created by layering free hand machine stitching, unique vintage fabrics, often from such famous names as Yves Saint Lauren, Gucci and Chanel as well as a wide variety of discarded materials. This lends them a sense of 3D depth when you see them "in the flesh" and which photo's always struggle to do justice too.


My newest work features recycled cuts from precious leather shoes and handbags, old coins, cigarette cards, matches and even sweet wrappers.  I look for ways to turn these humdrum items destined for the rubbish tip into new, stimulating and eye-catching pieces.

I hope my pictures bring you pleasure.

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